Geraldo Rivera: 'The NRA Is Full Of Sh*t'

The Fox News host criticized the gun lobby after the deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino.

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera tore into the National Rifle Association after Wednesday's shooting in San Bernardino, California, that left at least 14 dead and 17 injured.

"The NRA is full of shit," Rivera tweeted shortly after the shooting.

Rivera, a frequent critic of President Barack Obama, praised the president for his repeated calls for gun reform.

"POTUS wrong re [sic] so much," Rivera wrote. "But he's so right re gun violence."

Read his tweets on the shooting below:

Rivera has criticized the gun lobby after other mass shootings, including the Oct. 1 college shooting in Oregon that left ten dead.

"The mass murder at Umpqua again reveals we are a gun sick nation," Rivera said in a Facebook post. "All the 2nd Amendment bullshit aside, the gun lobby controls the country, and allows armed maniacal lunatics to roam free and kill."

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