Geraldo Rivera Saves Nastiest Barb For Rachel Maddow In Blasting NBC’s McDaniel Firing

The longtime TV journalist said the network sabotaged a “great idea.”

NewsNation correspondent Geraldo Rivera blasted NBC’s “cabal of aging” hosts for instigating the network’s firing of Ronna McDaniel, but he saved his most pointed remarks for Rachel Maddow of MSNBC.

After McDaniel, the former Republican National Committee chair, was dismissed on Tuesday, Rivera zeroed in on Maddow, whose nearly 30-minute on-air objection to the original hiring grabbed headlines.

Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were among the other NBC and MSNBC hosts to chime in, all citing McDaniel’s persistent support of Donald Trump’s baseless election fraud claims.

Maddow likened her employer’s move to hiring a “mobster to work at the DA’s office.”

“I think that Rachel Maddow is guilty of malignant wokeism,” Rivera told NewsNation host Chris Cuomo. “God did not anoint her the arbiter of who was appropriate for her network to hire or what their point of view is.”

Rivera accused the network of “arrogance” and disrespecting the tens of millions who voted for Trump, including those who believe the election was stolen (a “thesis” that Rivera said he rejects.)

Rivera added that McDaniel “is the most intimate insider NBC could ever have hired. It was a brilliant idea. She would have or could have spilled the beans on the fake electors and the alternate slates and so forth and so on. Instead, you had this cabal of aging superstars at the network who insisted that this person was somehow inappropriate. Says who and according to whom?”

He said, “It really is outrageous. This is censorship!”

Rivera, a former Fox News personality and reporter who also worked at ABC News and had a long talk show stint, previously expressed hope that McDaniel would sue NBC.

Fast-forward to 2:25:

NBC announced McDaniel’s hiring as a contributor on Friday and she made her debut Sunday on “Meet the Press.” She was grilled by host Kristen Welker over her repeated defenses of Trump’s big lie, and former “MTP” host Todd followed by questioning NBC’s decision to bring her aboard. It would be McDaniel’s only appearance before the network axed her.

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