Geraldo Rivera Tells 'The View': 'I Was A Right-Wing Lunatic' About Bomb Threat Conspiracy

Rivera says his conspiracy theory was a bigger mistake than the time he opened Al Capone's empty vault.

Geraldo Rivera is apologizing for being a “right-wing lunatic” during last week’s mail bomb scare.

On Thursday’s episode of “The View,” Rivera walked back an allegation he made during an Oct. 25 appearance on Fox Business Network that the bombs sent to CNN and prominent Democrats were actually an “elaborate hoax ... intended to further divide the American people.”

During the original interview, Rivera alleged the person behind the mail bombs was “someone who wanted to embarrass President Trump, somebody who wanted to affect American political life.”

Once Cesar Sayoc was arrested, Rivera apologized for the wrongheaded theory, but he still had to explain himself to the women on “The View.”

“Well, I was a right-wing lunatic right then,” he said sheepishly. “I apologized for it. It was a brain fart. I said what I believed at the time.”

“The View” co-host Joy Behar wasn’t having it.

“That’s BS and you know it,” she said. “You’re too smart not to know that.”

Rivera then said that at the time he broadcast his “false flag” theory, he was basing it on information from bomb experts he spoke to before the segment.

“I had just spoken to a couple of cops, experts in demolition and bomb experts, who told me that the devices were not viable,” Rivera claimed. “So, I said, ‘Why would a Trump-lover send out fake bombs guaranteed to hurt the president in the lead-up to the midterms.’ It just seemed cartoonish to me.”

Still, Rivera considers the comment a big professional boo-boo.

“It just seemed too pat — I never should have said it. I shouldn’t have opined when I didn’t know,” he said, adding, “This was worse than Al Capone’s vault by far.”

 You can see Rivera’s complete segment below. 



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