Geraldo Rivera: Trayvon Martin Surveillance Tape Shows 'He's Dressed In Thug Wear' (VIDEO)

Geraldo Rivera came down on Trayvon Martin's clothing again on Friday, arguing that the teenager's "thug wear" led George Zimmerman to suspect that he was a criminal.

Bill O'Reilly hosted Rivera to discuss new developments in the case, including the discovery of low levels of marijuana in Martin's autopsy. Rivera argued that the marijuana is "less powerful" than the convenience store surveillance tape, which showed what Martin was wearing.

"I think what's far more significant is what Trayvon Martin looked like on that night, Bill," he said. "Aside from the fact that he's dressed in that thug wear — look at the size of him, he’s not a little kid."

"If this young man was a stranger to George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin looks just like the people who had been burglarizing and victimizing that neighborhood for the last six months," Rivera continued.

When O'Reilly said that Rivera was "profiling" Martin, Rivera claimed that the assumption was "based on a reasonable comparison."

Rivera made similar comments about Martin's clothing in March, when he insisted that the slain teenager's hoodie was partially responsible for his death. The Fox News host's remarks sparked outrage, with his own son saying that he was "ashamed" of his father's position on the issue. After doubling down on the comments, Rivera eventually apologized.

Trayvon Martin Photos

Trayvon Martin Photos

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