Gergen: McCain's Performance "An Exercise In Anger Management" (VIDEO)

Gergen: McCain's Performance "An Exercise In Anger Management" (VIDEO)

David Gergen, veteran of Republican and Democratic administrations, put it succinctly just now on CNN: McCain "looked angry. It was an exercise in anger management up there."

Later, Gergen remarked on McCain's visible contempt for Obama, saying "There were times he brought back memories of Bob Dole in 1996" and "The looks and the disdain and the contempt and the anger that he felt was palpable."

Later in CNN's broadcast, after Campbell Brown ran down CNN's poll results (an overall Obama win, a win for Obama among independents, Obama wins on questions about healthcare, and even taxes), Anderson Cooper asked Gergen what he would say to McCain about what the message should be going forward, in light of these results. Gergen replied, "Beats the hell out of me," adding later, "See if you can leave this with your honor in tact."

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