Geri 'Ginger Spice' Halliwell Gushing About Adele Is Flat-Out Adorable


Adele has not been shy about sharing her love of the Spice Girls and, in particular, her fondness for the group's resident redhead, Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell. Apparently, the feeling's mutual

In an interview with "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" Halliwell positively gushed about Adele, saying that she was just tickled to see the 28-year-old Grammy winner talk about her affection for Halliwell during that amazing "Carpool Karaoke" ride with late night host James Corden

"Adele, wow, saying I was her favorite [Spice Girl]," Halliwell says with awe. "I was so touched! ... If an amazing artist like Adele connects to anything that I have had a part of, [it's], wow, so flattering."

Halliwell is pretty taken with Adele, too -- and not just as an artist.

"What I love about her, as well as this amazing voice and amazing songwriter, but she is un-airbrushed. She is real. I like that," Halliwell says of Adele. "She just projects something that connects to us on a very human level, and she looks like she's got a great sense of humor."

As seriously talented as Adele is, Halliwell points out, there's a playfulness to Adele that makes her so magnetic.

"She's honest. She's not afraid to join in and have a go and participate. She's just fun," Halliwell says. "Sometimes, I think we can all get a little bit wrapped up in not joining in, in case we look foolish. And I think, 'Great, have a go. That's far more exciting and interesting!'"

So would we ever see these two British singers team up professionally? Halliwell says she would be on board.

"The idea of working with Adele is, wow, that would be amazing. I mean, she's a tour de force," Halliwell says. "To be able to sing with her would be extraordinary... I'd really enjoy it."

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