German Filmmakers Detained In Qatar For Filming World Cup Construction: Report

Peter Giesel, 45, and Robin Ahne, 25, were told by Qatari officers they did not have permission to film and that they risked "sparking a riot" among the laborers, according to The Guardian. The filmmakers later said that during their Oct. 3 arrest, Qatari officials tried to manipulate and erase some of their footage.

The two were following up on a Guardian report that found dozens of Nepalese workers had died recently while toiling on World Cup construction sites while others face work conditions that amount to "modern-day slavery."

AFP reports that Qatari government officials have denied the Guardian's claims about worker exploitation and said the paper "exaggerated" the numbers of dead.

The International Trade Union Confederation, a global labor union, has said that up to 4,000 workers could die during construction of Qatar's World Cup infrastructure if the government does not enact reforms soon.