Let This Burly Naked German Man Teach You About Masculinity

It's a SFW message about how to be a better man.

A burly, bald German bouncer, who weighs 300 pounds, is naked and lying on an equally naked mattress. He has a message for you.

Be gentle to those around you. Understand your fellow man. Talk and listen, instead of reacting physically. "Feminine characteristics, really," he says in the ad below, for a mattress company, of all things.

The big guy's name is Frank Künster, and according to AdWeek, he's the model (and cult local star) of German mattress company Muun's web and outdoor ads. And he clearly had no problem modeling nude (he has plans to do more of it in the future).

If Muun wants us to rethink German softness (and ideally buy their mattress), what they've really accomplished is getting us to rethink the whole idea of masculinity.

It's an ad for a mattress that tells you how to be a better man. There is no masculinity or femininity, no men victimizing women, catcalling or acting like dogs, if we all act honestly and morally with each other.

Here's the translated script:

"Remember, you’re only human. I weigh 135 kilos and I work out — it may not look like it, but I do. I have quite a physical appearance. As I am so strong, I can afford to be gentle. Because no matter what people might want with me, I feel like they can’t really hurt me. I am stronger, you know? That allows me to be gentle with those around me. Essentially, I have a very feminine soul. Because I want to understand my fellow man, I prefer to talk instead of reacting physically, and I like to listen. Feminine characteristics, really. Within the field of psychology there are so-called perceptual paradigms which state that round features — my belly with its round shape and my head as well — are usually perceived as feminine. The way I see it, my integrity and morals are just visible to others, you know? And um, people often trust me simply because I behave in an honest and moral way. Most of the time, I still think of myself as “little Frank” from the village. You have to constantly remind yourself where you come from. I’m just a softy!

Basically, when you’re confronted with a difficult situation and you need to act fast, channel your inner "little Frank" -- or at the very least, your inner German mattress.

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