German Toddler Welcomes Young Syrian Refugee To Her Country In Sweetest Way

"We are giving a warm welcome to these people today."

An interaction between two girls presented a glimmer of hope as thousands of Syrian refugees, fleeing the civil war in their homeland, entered Germany.

NBC News reporter Cassandra Vinograd captured the tender moment a German toddler welcomed a young Syrian girl to Munich by handing her a piece of candy. Vinograd posted the exchange to her social media accounts on Monday.

Syrian refugees entering Germany were given sweets, water and backpacks upon their arrival. Before the refugees were taken to shelter and safety at the Munich Fairgrounds, a local restaurant served them pizza, NBC News reported. 

"We are giving a warm welcome to these people today," Simone Hilgers, spokeswoman for Upper Bavaria government, told the Associated Press. “We realize it's going to be a big challenge but everybody, the authorities and ordinary citizens, are pulling together."

Earlier this month, the Associated Press reported that Germany is expected to take in about 800,000 refugees this year.  


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