Gerry Orz's 'Day Of Silence' Anti-Bullying Movie & Campaign: Made By A 10-Year-Old (VIDEO)

10-year-old Gerry Orz is living proof of the mantra, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." He has been bullied in school for being "too tall, gay parents, parent a foreigner, too honest, too polite [and] too Jewish," according to his website.

But instead of letting the experience crush him, Orz has channeled it into making an anti-bullying film aimed at elementary school students, CBS reports.

Watch the CBS video report on Orz's anti-bullying film:

Orz, who goes by "G" for short, said that he believes videos tailored to middle and high school students are "too little, too late."

The film, titled "Day of Silence," has garnered interest from the San Gabriel Valley School Board, which will view it during a meeting Tuesday. In addition, the Illinois state legislature has expressed interest in it, notes CBS. Orz's goal is to have the video (see part one below) shown around the country.

"G" has also started a campaign to organize a global day of silence to increase awareness of bullying. The "Day of Silence" will be 12/12/12, and Orz's website provides a sign that he asks participants to wear that day.

The sign reads, "Please forgive me for not speaking. I am keeping silence for all those that don't have a voice. Our silence is a way of saying 'NO!' to bullying, discrimination and abuse. Our silence will be louder than any scream or fight in the world!"

Orz has appeared in a number of commercials and the Animal Planet series “Killer Outbreaks.” Two of his life dreams are meeting President Obama and being able to see his mothers legally marry.