Gery Chico Gets Luis Gutierrez Endorsement, Launches New TV Ad (VIDEO)

When Mayor Richard Daley announced his retirement, there was rampant speculation about who would run to replace him. Today, one of the most widely discussed possible candidates announced his endorsement.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez appeared poised for a run, until he suddenly dropped out of the race in October. On Sunday, he threw his support behind candidate Gery Chico.

"Every time Gery was called to serve the people of Chicago, he delivered," Rep. Luis Gutierrez said, according to a Chico campaign press release. "No other candidate has balanced 16 budgets. No other candidate has built bridges across racial, ethnic and geographic lines like Gery has. Gery Chico is simply the best candidate to lead Chicago right now."

Chico responded in kind. "There is no elected official more committed or more passionate about protecting and advocating for our nation's immigrant community than Rep. Gutierrez," Gery Chico said. "I am honored to have his support and look forward to working together on important issues like immigration reform."

To tout the importance of the endorsement, the Chico campaign launched a new television spot, the campaign's first, on Spanish-language television. It features Gutierrez speaking in glowing terms about the former City Colleges chair turned mayoral candidate.

Watch the new Chico spot: