Get A Free Hyundai With Your iPad

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In September, if you buy an iPad for $50,000, you'll get a Hyundai Equus for free. OK, that's backwards, but as incentives go, a $500 iPad is a great gift with purchase for buying a car. And it's even cooler because the iPad is going to replace the owner's manual. I hope it comes with a car charger.

Apple announced it's new iPhone OS4. It will run multiple-apps on third generation devices and has a bunch of features you really, really want. Like the Verizon network? Sorry, that was a cheap shot.

Thinking about an e-reader? The Amazon Kindle is coming to Best Buy and the Barnes & Noble Nook will be available at Target stores later this month. Why retail stores? You don't need a computer to use them, why should you need on to buy them?

Today's Video -- Ali Velshi & Shelly Palmer Discuss Comcast v. FCC on CNN

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