Get a Leg Up in Advertising by Purchasing Your Own Ad Server

The combination of the vastness of the Internet, proliferation of social media and 24/7 technology use have increased the competition when it comes to eyeballs. So when it comes to allocating those precious advertising dollars for your business and tracking them in ad campaigns to ensure both your time and money go far, investing in your own ad server for media buying gives you a leg up. Here's how:

MORE CONTROL. You can create and customize all ad campaigns across all publishers without being at the mercy of anyone else. Even better, you can track impressions and results in real time--see what's working and what's not. This allows you to better direct and target your advertising over time. Because you're in charge, there's 100% transparency.

MORE EFFICIENCY. You can manage all of the publishers you work with in one place, saving you more time to focus your attention on other areas of the business. In effect, you create your own network.

ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE. A good ad server will also offer white labeling, or the ability to customize your ad server features in order to ensure the ease of your experience and better yield the results you seek faster. Epom Ad Server, a leader in white labeling, says, "A white labeling option...enables full customization of the solution, increas(ing) your brand recognition" and allowing you to tweak things like "email notifications to specific elements of placement codes and the user interface."

STAY UP TO DATE. These days there are many Saas (software as a service) ad server options. Saas are applications you can log into and work in over the Internet, as opposed to large software packages you have to purchase and install on your computer in order to work in. On-line applications are always up-to-date with the latest and greatest technological improvements, paving the way for your advertising money to go to work for you in the best way possible, as fast as possible.

NONSTOP TECHNICAL SUPPORT. When your purchase your own ad server, you'll get around the clock technical support for any problems or questions.