Get An Exclusive Look At Jackie Evancho's New Music Video For 'Apocalypse'

The singer released her new single this week.

You may remember classical singer Jackie Evancho as a little 10-year-old with a big voice on Season 5 of "America's Got Talent." The pint-sized star amazed judges and audiences alike with her mature singing voice and poised presence.

The former "World's Youngest Opera Singer" finished second that season and has since gone on to produce multiple platinum- and gold-selling albums. Now, at only 16, Evancho has already acted alongside Robert Redford and Susan Sarandon, performed for the Obamas and Pope Francis, and sang with Tony Bennett and Andrea Bocelli, among countless other accolades.

Known for her classical sound, Evancho is switching things up on her latest album and going pop. The Huffington Post has an exclusive first look at Evancho's music video for her first pop single, "Apocalypse," below.

In a phone interview, the teenage sensation opened up about her new sound and single.

Can you tell me more about your move to pop music?

It’s kind of like something you have to feel around for, because I am not really experienced in the pop world. My whole life, I’ve sung classical crossover so this whole experience is new, but it’s exciting and really fun to kind of just mess around with.

Is it hard to go from classical to pop music?

It’s not necessarily hard, it’s just different. My whole life I’ve sung classical crossover music which is more the operatic, classical sound, so singing [pop] is just different.

Tell us a little bit about your new single "Apocalypse" and the video for it?

This new single was really, really fun to create. It was written by a producer I was already working with for a few different songs and he suggested I sing it, and so I did. I sang it in a completely different voice than everyone expected me to and I kind of just sang how I felt. And that’s how I found my pop voice with this song, too. It’s really crazy.

Filming the video was a crazy experience for me just because it was my first time having to act on camera for a music video. It was just different for me. I had some actors with me, as well. It was really cool and it was freezing the day that I filmed it.

What are you most excited about for your new album and tour?

I'm just looking forward to seeing how people react to it because I’m very excited about it. I know that this is something that I definitely want to continue with. Of course I’ll keep my classical roots, but with this new album and everything, it’s really exciting.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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