With the holiday season in full swing, I’m starting to feel all. kinds. of. fancy. In the spirit of fancy, caviar came to mind.

I never bought caviar before so I decided to throw a Caviar Party to test it out. Super EASY. Now I’m going to teach YOU how to…

CAVIAR: Cured, unfertilized fish eggs (aka “roe.”) Think of caviar as the “fish equivalent” to chicken eggs. One teaspoon of caviar is only 15 calories… and you get a little protein, iron, zinc, and omega-3’s.


Step 1: Choose the right kind.

Find a sustainable version. There are several sustainable U.S. caviar farmers providing affordable options, like this one and this one. Note: I bought my caviar from the local healthfood store near the fish counter.

Pick your price point. Budget-friendly (starts around $20): whitefish, salmon, trout, or tobiko caviar. Mid-range: American sturgeon caviar. All-out: Osetra (imported sturgeon) caviar, the most authentic.

Step 2: Serve it like a pro.

Create a “Caviar Board” where you put everything out on a tray and let guests choose their own combos…

– Keep it cold: Serve it in the original container on top of ice.

– Spoons: Fancy silver may give it a funky taste, but you can use mother-of-pearl, ceramic, glass, or everyday flatware.

– Food pairings: Keep it light to let the taste of the caviar shine. Serve blinis (mini pancakes), boiled fingerling potatoes, plain toast points, or kettle potato chips.

– Garnishes: Have bowls of chopped onions, hardboiled egg, chives, dill, crème fraiche*, or lemon wedges. *Note: Swap crème fraiche for full-fat plain Greek yogurt to save 4x the calories & 11x the fat.

– Just a dab will do: Experts say you need ½ tsp of caviar per bite to get the full effect.

Step 3: Get your bubbly on.

Drinks: Pair with chilled prosecco or vodka (stay away from strong flavors like red wine or bourbon). Also try sparkling water + bitters for a bubbly mocktail.

PS: If you have leftovers, store tightly wrapped in the fridge & eat within 1-2 days.

My first CAVIAR PARTY was a hit!

A Caviar Board is a FUN & FANCY idea for Holiday or New Year’s Parties as low as $30…or more if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Cue the music: Fancy

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