Get Mad and Take Action

NRG CEO David Crane's recent blog 'Being Mad As Hell for the Clean Energy Revolution' is spot on. His passion inspires me to join in the call for action on the challenge of climate change and many societal issues that our world faces today.

At Unilever, we are working hard -- with partners like NRG -- to make sustainable living commonplace. We are deeply aware that the decisions we make and actions we take today will help determine what our future looks like.

Society stands at a crossroads -- either continue as we are, which will lead to ongoing uncertainty and unknown consequences, or we identify disruptive solutions and inspire a social renewal for change.

How do we make visions of transformative progress a reality and ensure that we do not miss a tremendous opportunity to affect change? Nelson Mandela, a true hero of our generation and a leader who played a meaningful role in my leadership journey, said, "A vision without action is just a dream; an action without a vision just passes time; but a vision with an action plan can change the world."

We must all contribute. Everyone can make a positive difference and has a role to play -- but most importantly, we have to take action, no matter how small or big.

The major challenges we face as a society, including climate change, are also too big to address without partnership. We must purposefully collaborate to transform the status quo. Climate change must also be addressed with urgency; disruptive thinking and bold action are imperative.

Unilever has set a bold ambition through our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan to achieve change within our own company -- through our brands, innovation, sourcing and operations -- and to drive transformational change. We want to be held accountable for helping people live better and more sustainably through the brands they choose.

While I'm glad to have an opportunity to share my thoughts, affecting change is really about action. This Sunday, September 21, we will be on our feet at the People"s Climate March, which is a small part of a larger story in creating a new climate movement. Anyone mad as hell about the clean energy revolution can make themselves seen and heard by marching this weekend.

We can't and won't stop there. We will continue to work together with like-minded individuals and companies that refuse to accept the world as it is. Passion, courage and hard work will help to create the bright future that we envision.

The time is right. The moment is now. Collectively, we must take up the challenge and create a brighter future. We have no other option.