Get On Air Force 1, Mr. Trump, And Fly to North Korea

Get On Air Force 1, Mr. Trump, And Fly to North Korea
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If Dennis Rodman and Bill Clinton can jump on a plane and talk North Korean leaders off the ledge, why doesn’t Mr. Trump jump on Air Force One and sit down with Kim Jong-Un and do the same?

Any Psych 101 student can see that a major reason North Korea is behaving the way they are and the reason they must have nuclear capability, is because they are desperate to be acknowledged. They, like every human being and every nation, crave acknowledgement. It is one of the two most important human needs, and always will be and poor North Korea, the underachieving, forgotten stepsister of the Korean Peninsula, rarely gets any.

And like a gang member who might be overlooked by society and even his peers, when one brandishes a pistol, or better yet, a rifle, acknowledgment and immediate respect are guaranteed.

Brandishing a nuclear weapon commands the ultimate acknowledgment. The ultimate respect.

So, instead of pushing them into a corner with threats, let’s give the little dictator what he really wants.

When Air Force 1 touches down, captured breathlessly on every television set in all of North Korea, Kim Jong Un receives the largest dose of acknowledgment and respect he could possibly ask for. Just having a sitting President of The United States come to him and come to his country makes him a hero to his people and says - for all the world to see - that he and North Korea are respected in the community of nations.

And then the saber rattling can end and a deal that would benefit, rather than victimize, the suffering people of North Korea can be crafted, saving face for Kim Jong-Un and making Donald Trump a global hero.

So, instead of vacationing the full 17 days on a golf course in New Jersey, Sir, get back on Air Force 1, set your navigation for Pyongyang and use that magnetic personality of yours to charm your young counterpart . . . and save the world.

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