Get Out And Vote And Get Out the Vote to Keep the S**tstorm Away

OMG!!! I am freaking out because of Comey's limp-wristed letter to Congress.

I'm calming myself by breathing into a paper bag. That helps a bit, but really, what an a**hole move on Comey's part. WTF!!!

I'm holding off nausea by believing solidly that Hillary Clinton will win the electoral college and the presidency. But Comey's letter puts at risk the turn over of the Senate.

Think about that for a minute.

If Democrats take control of the Senate, Supreme Court vacancies are filled; the open seats of the Federal judiciary are filled that have been held hostage by a**sholes like N.C. Senator Richard Burr (the one who wants to put a bullseye on Clinton's back!).

If the House returns to Democratic control, the Affordable Care Act can be tweaked so it works for everyone's benefit, Planned Parenthood will be supported to the benefit of women and families, tax policy will be reformed to create income equality, voting rights, racial and gender equality will continue to be important initiatives, the environment and consumers will continue to be protected by regulations.......

On the other hand, if Comey's bull**t slows the Democratic turn out and energizes Trump supporters to vote for him and the down ballot, then we have to deal with the obstructionism of weasel-faced Mitch MicConnel and disingenuous pretty boy Paul Ryan.

So, for God's sake, talk to every millennial who doesn't want to vote because he/she doesn't think it matters or they're still feeling the Bern and call every family member and friend you know in a swing state and tell them to vote for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic slate.

And, make an online contribution to Democratic candidates TODAY so there is time to blast the electorate with good sense.

Because, oh hell, I'll say it, because our future depends on it.