These Not-So-Subtle Products Will Remind Everyone To Vote In November

This election year calls for some over-the-top reminders that everyone needs to cast a ballot come November.

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You'll win the popular vote with these not-so-subtle finds.
You'll win the popular vote with these not-so-subtle finds.

The 2020 election is less than two weeks away. In an ordinary presidential election year, you might be looking forward to showing off that “I Voted” sticker. This isn’t your typical voting season, though.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has shifted almost everything about our everyday lives, and that includes how we’re going to vote this November.

That’s led to worries about voting by mail, and states have to figure out how to get it right because there are fewer than two weeks before Election Day.

So this time around, you should remember to register to vote if you haven’t yet (the guidelines will depend on which state you’re in). And keep in mind the deadlines for early and absentee voting depend on where you live.

ICYMI: This year also marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women in the U.S. the right to vote. (There are still plenty of women the 19th Amendment left behind, though). Every election year’s important, of course, but there’s some special significance to this one.

If you’re hoping to remind everyone around you — from friends and neighbors (even strangers) — to vote, you’re in luck. We found lots of items that’ll do just the trick, including T-shirts and stickers. Don’t worry, they’ll get the point across in our age of social distancing, too.

From a blinged-out mask that no one can miss to a T-shirt that raises money for a cause to clothing that touts different organizations focused on getting out the vote, these not-so-subtle finds will remind everyone to vote come November.

Check out these products that’ll remind everyone to vote this election year.

A T-Shirt That Donates Money To The ACLU
It's no wonder why this Madewell T-shirt's actually a bestseller: It's adorable, and 100% of its purchase price goes to the American Civil Liberties Union, which is focused on protecting rights promised in the Constitution, including the right to vote. On top of the proceeds from this tee, Madewell says it will make a $750,000 donation to the ACLU.

Find it for $40 at Madewell.
A Traditional Pair Of Tube Socks With A Twist
Uncommon Goods
You can exercise your right to vote in these.

Find them for $13 at Uncommon Goods
A Sweatshirt That's All About Rocking The Vote
Don't just talk about it, vote about it. That's the message behind this sweatshirt, a collaboration between Levi's and Rock the Vote meant to register as many voters as possible for the upcoming election. This sweatshirt's made completely out of cotton so you can stay comfortable while doing your civic duty.

Find it for $75 at Levi's.
A Mug That's Perfect To Have On Hand For Election Season
It might not be microwave-safe, but it does have a message: vote. And it says it three times so you won't forget.

Find it for $26 at Anthropologie.
A Sticker That'll Come In Handy As November Nears
ShopCandiiShop / Etsy
You can just stick it on your car ahead of Election Day any year.

Find it for $4 at Etsy.
A T-Shirt That Reminds Everyone That Her Voice Matters
Urban Outfitters
With a futuristic font, this T-shirt's a reminder that every election's about our future. So voting's a big deal. This T-shirt from Urban Outfitters was made in partnership with I Am a Voter, a campaign to raise public awareness around voting. And $15 from each T-shirt sale will be donated to different organizations, including Democracy Works and Voto Latino.

Find it for $29 at Urban Outfitters.
A Pair Of Socks That Gets The Point Across Politely
But, seriously, please?

Find them for $15 at Verishop.
A vote mask for every voice
Vija Shop / Etsy
This cute mask features diverse hands spelling 'vote' in sign language. Find it for $13 at Etsy.
A reminder that your vote 'totes' matters
Zen Threads / Etsy
It'll be a favorite when you're in the grocery line. Find it for $10 on Etsy
A Cup For Coffee That's Very Civil
Uncommon Goods
It's clever: When you pour your preferred drink into this mug, some rights stay, while others fade away. Just a little wake-up call (or morning pick-me-up?) that says why voting's important.

Find it for $14 at Uncommon Goods.
A Sweatshirt That Would Sweep Any Poll
WanderShopGoods / Etsy
It'll be a hit wherever you go.

Find it for $35 at Etsy.
A Necklace That Marks When Women Got The Right To Vote
Uncommon Goods
This necklace celebrates the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote back in 1920. It comes in silver and brass. Plus, $5 from every purchase goes to the League of Women Voters, a group that works to encourage participation in government, especially by women. You might snag the matching pin, bracelet or ring, too.

Find it for $50 at Uncommon Goods.
A Mask That You Definitely Can't Miss
DragonBlingInc / Etsy
It's a little bit of bling so others don't forget to cast their ballot.

Find it for $17 at Etsy.
A Retro-Inspired Sticker That Can Go Right On Your Laptop
ByLaurenYoo / Etsy
It's a mushroom that looks like it came straight from the '60s. And it might just make everyone around remember to get to the ballot box.

Find it for $3 at Etsy.
A Statement T-Shirt That You Can Put On Near Election Day
MagicalDuck / Etsy
It does. And you should.

Find it starting at $24 on Etsy.

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