This Deleted Moment From 'Get Out' Would Have Changed The Whole Movie

What if Rose was hypnotized, too?

Casting Allison Williams as Rose in “Get Out” was a perfect choice.

As Jordan Peele’s smash hit film debuted near the end of January, Williams was just closing the chapter on her most famous character, Marnie from “Girls.” Although that character had many endearing qualities, Rose and Marnie have certain ... similar traits.

“She felt cosmopolitan but also undeniably Caucasian,” said Jordan Peele, the creator and director of “Get Out,” to Business Insider when discussing the casting choice.

But while Rose and Marnie have comparable personalities, the former is clearly a villain in “Get Out.” (SPOILER ALERT) Rose helps trap a black man in her family’s house so that a rich white man can buy his body and then take over his mind.

The worst thing Marnie ever did was wear Uggs.

However, a new deleted moment ― published exclusively with HuffPost ― calls into question whether Rose was truly a clear-cut villain.

In “Get Out,” Rose’s mom hypnotizes young black people to take control over them. She does this to the main character, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), fairly early on in the movie. The mom claims that she’s just doing this to help Chris quit smoking.

What this new, deleted moment reveals is that Rose may have been hypnotized as well.

“I was in a hole or something. And I couldn’t move,” Chris tells Rose privately about the experience.

“I had the same thing,” Rose responds in this cut dialogue. “She hypnotized me when I was in high school for stage fright and I had the craziest nightmares. But, I just remember thinking ... it worked.”

Rose could have been lying here, of course. And the speculation the line adds to Rose’s true character is probably why Peele decided to cut this from the movie.

Still, to wildly speculate for a moment, this might explain how Rose’s whole family goes along with such hideous crimes in “Get Out.” Perhaps the parents — or even just the mom — are pulling the strings for the family’s evil-doings.

Before this, Rose appeared to be one of the most straightforwardly evil villains of 2017. Maybe this is an educational lesson that with more context, even the people who seem most clearly awful aren’t as bad as they seem at first.

Or maybe this villainous-seeming character is just as terrible as you thought.

Just wait for the next deleted scene that shows Rose wearing Uggs too.

This clip was provided to HuffPost by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment to support the May 23 release of “Get Out” on Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand. “Get Out” is already on Digital HD.

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