A Bunch Of Artists Made Absolutely Chilling Images Inspired By 'Get Out'

In the words of Jordan Peele: "Art is the one tool we have against the true horrors of the world."

Hopefully by now you’ve seen “Get Out,” the stunningly terrifying social thriller written and directed by Jordan Peele about what happens when a white woman brings her black boyfriend to the suburbs to meet her family for the first time. 

But seeing the movie is really only the beginning. There are plenty of clues, symbols, and other difficult-to-detect moments buried throughout the film that are assuredly worth revisiting. Then there are the tweets, the memes, the think pieces, the podcasts, the “dialogues” and, of course, the fan art. 

A gallery of artworks inspired by “Get Out” is now on view over on the movie’s website. In one illustration by Sharlene Artsy, black tears stream down Georgina’s face. Sindiso Nyoni’s piece features Chris’ face, rendered in the style of a graphic novel, frozen in horror, along with the words “they treat us like family” at his side.

If you are still having nightmares about Bingo boards, porcelain teacups or white feminism, you might want to avert your gaze. 

The online gallery is accompanied by a quote from filmmaker Peele: “Art is the one tool we have against the true horrors of the world,” he said. “I hope that ‘Get Out’ is an inclusive experience that inspires people to just talk.”

Seeing that Peele’s film recently crossed the $100 million mark at the box office, we’re guessing he got a lot of people talking. Take a look at the wonderfully frightening works below. 

  • Sindiso Nyoni
  • Corey Barksdale
  • Frank Morrison
  • Taj Tenfold
  • Jordan Peele with Get Out Gallery