Get Over the Gossip: A Response to Brad and Angelina's Divorce

Once, the idea of Brangelina was everything. I believed they were the perfect couple. The concept was like an empty canvas I could paint. I was filled with hope; I was excited. And over the course of ten years, I followed the two lovers that I considered to be soul mates. I felt totally in touch. But after their relationship ended, it floored me.

For a decade Pitt and Jolie have been depicted as Hollywood's golden couple. The premise is almost commercial, like whitewash or sweeteners. Today's lingo regarding Hollywood's famed love mates is wrong. The mania we direct towards these celebrities is off the screen and bigger than life. We make believe they share our pain, values, and hopes. Their characters become our heroes, and their words our mantras.

As we watch Brad and Angelina sift through a slaughterhouse of hype, it's easy to get lost in our assumptions. You think. 'I understand them; I know what they're going through.' Here's a fact: You can't experience who they are, or what they're going through - Because you don't know them!

This mania for celebs has nothing to do with the spirit of real life. So many people enmesh themselves in media gossip until it becomes their safe house: A way to lose themselves in a fictional narrative; a place to hide their own pain.

I'm a fiery soul when it comes to self-deception. There's a bad kind of media (tabloids, online or off) that promotes harmful hyper-dramatized messages. And like some of us, I've caught myself up in arms about the hate campaigns targeting Jennifer Anniston and Marion Cotillard. It's about time we confronted this artificially constructed media drama.

Gossiping is just another way of self-affirming, and it can become addictive. It's a disease of the ego that will metaphorically blind you to more positive, personal opportunities that are within your reach. Every time you fixate on an issue that has nothing to do with you, you risk putting on those blinders.

By talking about Brad and Angelina's break up as if it's your own, your subconscious mind will actually start to believe that you too are experiencing a breakup. It will come to believe that by your continual emotional reinforcement. In the act of perpetual gossip, your ego will eventually find itself in a stagnant void. Not only will this make you unhappy, but it will block you from attaining the very things you want. In other words, their break up shouldn't make you feel incomplete.

This addiction to gossip isn't limited to Brangelina: Many engage in gossip daily, across a variety of subjects. Gossiping can lead to obsessive behavior and is a harsh disease of the ego. It won't take long before you feel your energy starting to slip. You'll walk around with a head full of noise that has nothing to do with you.

Try this: Instead of harping on someone else's break up, why not bring more love into your own life?

If you want a love mate, take 15 minutes out of your day to visualize the love you want. Create a mental setting over a romantic dinner or a walk through Les Chandelles and see yourself with the lover that you desire most. Immerse yourself until it feels real. Then head out, and do something loving and active that moves you towards your love.

The next time you get caught in a gossip trap with someone else about Hollywood's iconic duo, tell the other person that when love has run its course and both parties are falling out with each other, it is better to part ways and find new loves than to rip out each other's hearts. And most importantly, encourage your gossiping friend to send blessings and thoughts to Brad and Angelina's children.

"Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people." ― Socrates

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