Get Rich With These 3 Tips

As it so turns out, being rich isn't bad at all. In fact, I've discovered that true spiritual alignment means living one's soul's purpose and when you'reliving your soul's purpose you are rich -- like cash money rich.
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I used to think money was bad. I had been told by religion, New Age spirituality, society and my family that being rich was a "bad" thing, part of the "ego" and the opposite of spiritual.

But as it so turns out, being rich isn't bad at all. In fact, I've discovered that true spiritual alignment means living one's soul's purpose and when you're truly living your soul's purpose you are rich -- like cash money rich. And if you're not living a rich life, you aren't quite up to speed with the fullness of who-you-really-are.

Because who-you-really-are lives in wealth and abundance in the fullest sense, every single day.

I'm here to tell you that it is absolutely your natural state of being to live rich and I'm going to give you 3 tips to help you connect to your own ability to do so, right this very minute.

I've learned this not only in my only journey with money -- from living in poverty to now living in wealth and abundance, but also what I've watched as my clients have done the same, and all by following these tips:

1. Money is energy and energy is everything. All of the great masters knew this -- Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Florence Shovel Shinn, including modern day masters -- Michael Jordan, Oprah, Wayne Dyer -- just to name a few. To become rich, you must acknowledge this above truth and begin to shift your perception of money. Understand that in order to attract rich living, you must begin to work with your own energy field and learn to work with the laws of the Universe as they pertain to every aspect of life, including money. This alone will radically transform your life.

2. Connect to what rich living looks like for you. Through doing my own personal soul alignment work, I became crystal clear about what rich living looks like for me. And yes it involves celebrating, champagne and first-class travel along with writing spiritual romance novels, facilitating transformative soul alignment sessions and being truly, madly, deeply in love with my life. Do this simple exercise to get more connected to what rich living truly means for you:

1) Choose a song that makes you feel fantastic. It should be upbeat so that it fills your body-mind-Spirit with possibility. Right now for me it's "Happy" by Pharrell, "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors, "I'm on Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons and the "Good Life" by One Republic.
2) Tap Cortices.
3) Sit somewhere comfortable. Turn on your song of choice, close your eyes.
4) Take 4-7 deep belly breaths, with the focused intention of connecting to rich living for yourself.
5) Call forth images of you living your richest life. Let the music carry you and notice what images pop in.
6) Then, write down in a notebook/journal what images came forth. Which ones surprised you, which ones felt like fear creeping in that you want to release, etc. Investigate it all.

3. Be intentional. Now that you know living rich is all about energy and you have a clearer vision of what rich living looks like to you, you're ready to set some intentions that you'll take action on. The only way to get to where you want to be is by setting clear intentions and taking inspired action towards them. Write out a list of 5-10 intentions for living rich -- use the experiences from the above exercise to support this. Be specific. How much money would you like to make? What other rich experiences are you calling forth? It can be as simple as receiving a spa treatment, with the intention of having 1-2 a month or upgrading to first-class for your next flight. Notice what feels most in alignment for you and begin to make those aspects a part of your current reality in some form or another. This is especially powerful if done on the New Moon when the energy is ripe for creating.

Implement the above 3 tips today and watch as your experience of wealth and living rich shifts into a higher frequency.

We all deserve to live a truly rich life. But it's up to us to allow it to happen. Will you?

Have tips that you swear by? Leave them in the comments below.

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