Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Safely & Without Resorting To Smelly Bug Repellents (PHOTOS)

One of the more unusual features of living in a coastal area is that we have our very own mosquito commission. (And you thought your job was boring.) I'm not sure if it's doing us any favors, as it seems that the pests have already come out in full-force, thanks to weeks of rainy conditions. So, what can a desperate target do? Especially one with a general distaste for commercially-produced bug repellents, right down to their weird citronella scents?

get rid of mosquitoes
Flickr photo by Travis

Last year, we asked those very questions and went out to test a few common alternative "remedies" that promised to get rid of mosquitoes. What we found was that those anti-bug apps do little to keep pests away, while the best repellent was found in the laundry room. Click through the slideshow to review our findings, then tell us: How do you keep mosquitoes away?

Testing 11 Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes