Get Schooled Recognizes The Cherokee Nation's Sequoyah High School For Its Unparalleled Track Record Of Success, Spearheaded By One Young Lady

Maddie Lamb, Get Schooled winner
Maddie Lamb, Get Schooled winner

One young lady is making her voice heard and uplifting a community. Get Schooled recognized the Cherokee Nation’s Sequoyah High School for its excellence as well as the leadership of senior Maddie Lamb. Maddie won the Get Schooled contest. A member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, she has been honored due to her outstanding leadership within her school and community. Maddie was the winner of the Graduate for Más 2016 Homecoming Court, a national contest sponsored by the Taco Bell Foundation. The contest, which had more than 1,000 entries, aimed to recognize students who use their knowledge, creativity and character to encourage school communities where every student feels supported to pursue their unique dreams. In honor of this recognition, Get Schooled has teamed up with local Oklahoma artist, Daniel Horsechief, to create a mural that the entire school helped paint. In which Maddie also co-designed with Dan Horshchief (Cherokee) and Dana Tiger, who is also Muscogee Creek. The mural showcased the power of community to create a positive climate where everyone has the support they need to pursue their own path. I am incredibly excited to highlight this young lady. A part of being a leader, is about making everyone feel as though they have a voice and a place to contribute. This mural demonstrates the power of collective unity which is why Get Schooled, Sequoyah High School along with myself are proud to say, well done Maddie.

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