Get Those Nuke Codes Away From Trump Now!

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After what we know about Donald Trump as president do we want him to be able to say the word and launch nuclear missiles in four minutes, hitting their targets in 30 minutes? His loose talk about “fire and fury” against North Korea and his Secretary of Defense James Mattis threatening the destruction of its people sounds more like knuckleheads on WWE’s Smackdown Live.

Put the soap operas aside and consider a very big picture. This is not just a clown car. This is a president with the power to destroy the planet.

It's very important that we change policy to make sure that first-use nuclear attack orders must be cleared with the National Security Council, the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs, or perhaps only under the authority of a declaration of war. This is one decision that ought to be done by committee.

Congress needs to look into this now. No one person should have this power unless we are under attack.

When Nixon was drunk every night in the final days of Watergate reportedly his military chiefs were on notice to clear any nuclear attack orders from the White House through his top aides. We should not rely on such imprecise safeguards.

Trump's erratic behavior shows that our current policy of granting the president unilateral power to launch nuclear missiles is a danger to our national security, and indeed a threat to the entire world's safety.

This legislation is worth consideration: Dems tie nuclear first-strike bill to concerns about Trump

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