16 Things That Will Help You Get Through Airport Security Faster

These clever travel items are sure to help you speed up the process.
Hands-free shoes, a metal-free belt and a one-quart clear container.

You never want to be the person holding up the entire line at airport security because your shoes have 100 buckles, your ticket isn’t ready and your toiletries aren’t in their own bag. Travel is stressful already, you don’t need the added pressure of a hundred passengers giving you the evil eye for setting off the metal detector with your belt.

To help your travel go as smoothly as possible, we’ve rounded up 15 things that can help you glide through TSA. From hands-free shoes you can slide in and out of to one-quart-sized toiletry bags that fit all the guidelines, these items will keep you organized on the go.

While we can’t guarantee that your flight will be on time or you’ll get the aisle seat you want, we hope these items make the hustle and bustle of travel a little less hectic. Use them to bring some order to your packing and ensure that checking into your flight is as easy as sitting on a beach during vacation.

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A versatile bag that's easy to open
It's a backpack, it's a tote, it's a totally versatile bag that's perfect for travel! With room for a laptop, padding on the back and sides and multiple front pockets to keep you organized, it's going to become your favorite carry-on bag. It comes in nine colors.
Hands-free shoes you can slip in and out of
Kizik's "hands-free" unisex sneakers have a patented rebounding heel that you can slide into with only your feet, meaning they're super easy to take on and off at security. They're lightweight and breathable and come in four colors from women's 6-16.5/men's 4.5-15, with wide options as well.
A passport and ticket organizer to keep you together
As you go through security, it can be hard to keep your ticket, ID and passport ready for the agent and quickly tucked away to go through the machines. This document folder is perfect for solo travelers and families alike, with spaces for up to five passports. It comes in seven colors with a handy wristlet strap.
A one-quart clear toiletry bag with a top handle
Per TSA guidelines, travelers are allowed to bring toiletry containers of up to 3.4 ounces in a one-quart clear bag in a carry-on. While you could stuff your tiny toothpaste and hair gel into a Ziploc, you don't want the bag to tear or leak in-flight. Plus, this zippered travel pouch has a handle on the top so it's easy to pull out, keeping you and the line moving.
A laptop and tablet case with a top handle that's easy to grab
According to TSA, unless you have Pre-Check, you have to remove laptops, tablets and other larger electronic devices from your bag and have them in a separate bin for X-ray screening. While you still need to take this laptop sleeve off your device, the top handle makes it super easy to pull out of a backpack or tote bag, and the side pockets are a great place for your charger, headphones or extra cords. It comes in three sizes and nine colors.
An AirPods case you can latch on to your keys or bag
We know the scene: You're listening to your favorite podcast or a new audiobook on your AirPods while waiting in line, when suddenly it's your turn to go through, but your AirPods case is hiding in your bag. This silicone protective case cover comes in over 20 colors and has a super handy caribiner, letting you keep your case within reach at all times. Note: AirPod classics and AirPod Pros need different cases (linked below).
A stretchy Apple Watch band that slides on or off
While TSA doesn't have an official order for smart watches yet, many travel blogs say you're likely able to wear an Apple Watch through security, but you may be asked to take it off. Just to be safe, you'll be happy to have this stretchy, adjustable band for super easy and quick removal. It expands up to 8.66 inches and comes in 15 colors. There are two sizes for different Apple Watches, so be sure to double-check before buying.
A metal-free belt you don't have to take off
Finally, a non-metal belt that actually looks good. This 100% leather belt comes in brown and black, from 30 inches to 50 inches. It has a durable polymer clasp that won't set off metal detectors.
A collapsable water bottle you don't have to toss
If you always forget you're carrying a full water bottle and then have to throw it into the trash bin as everyone stares at you, you probably need a collapsable bottle. This nifty device is dishwasher- and freezer-safe, super lightweight and holds up to 25 ounces of water. Simply roll it up and pack it in your bag so you can fill it up after getting through security.
A travel jewelry case to keep your bling in one place
If you feel naked without your jewelry, you may hate taking it off at the security checkpoint. Save yourself the hassle and pre-pack your favorite gems in this small organizer with a compact mirror. It has sections for rings, necklaces, bracelets and more, plus removable dividers. It's just under 4 inches square and comes in nine colors.
A padded pill bottle organizer to keep your prescriptions together
The U.S. Customs and Border Protection website says that when traveling with prescription medications, you want to bring them in their original containers with the prescription label. This padded pill bottle organizer lets you pack up to nine bottles. It has two zippered sections, removable pockets and a waterproof shell to help you stay together on the go.
Clear reusable sandwich bags to keep food separated
The TSA website says that although you can bring food on a plane, you're going to want it separate in its own bags, and you're going to want to stick to harder foods like granola or cereal instead of liquids like yogurts. This set of reusable sandwich bags comes in sets of seven, nine and 10 in three different sizes. They're airtight, leak-proof and tear-resistant.
A set of packing cubes for organizing your bag
TSA suggests keeping your carry-on as organized as it can be, in the event it needs to be searched. This set of five travel cubes lets you still see what's inside while grouping your items together to keep your bag sorted.
A full-zip hoodie that's easy to take off
The TSA website says security may ask you to remove outer layers when going through the X-ray. Make everyone's life easier by grabbing a comfy zippered hoodie that comes off and on in a matter of seconds. This unisex hoodie from Gildan comes in 20 colors in men's small-5XL.
Or a super cozy chunky cardigan
If you tend to get chilly on planes, you want to layer up. An open-front cardigan, like this chunky knit option that comes in over 20 colors, will be easy to take on and off during security and has pockets (!!!) to keep your ticket or phone in as you hold your luggage. It comes in women's sizes S-XXL.
Removable tape to label electronics
The TSA website says you should label your electronics with tape with your name and contact information. If you forget your device or if the bins get mixed up, you'll be able to prove which device if yours. Painter's tape is easy to remove and won't leave residue.

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