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Get To The Things You Love — Fast

Why settle for anything less?

Do you remember internet dial-up? How about running to your local record store to get your favorite band’s latest release? While these activities may seem dated, they were the only options less than two decades ago.

Gone are the days of waiting to do the things we love or need. In fact, thanks to modern-day technology, the idea of waiting is almost a thing of the past. In our modern world, things like same-day delivery and instant downloads are the new normal.

So, why settle for anything less? Today’s technology grants us the speed we need to complete daily tasks quickly in order to focus on the things we love, like spending time with our family or binging on the latest Netflix craze.

Check out the video above, created in partnership with SensodyneRapid Relief toothpaste, to be reminded of just how far we’ve come in the age of speed.

In this modern world, we’ve become accustomed to everything being quick: Wi-Fi, shopping, coffee. Why shouldn’t you hold your toothpaste to this same speedy standard? With Sensodyne® Rapid Relief, you can get proven pain relief in just three days, with twice daily brushing.

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