Get Your Alternative Facts Straight

Well, that's it folks, I hope you're looking forward to living your Orwellian dystopia because it's here and not going anywhere. President Trump now controls the facts, if he doesn't like the facts - that's cool we have #AlternativeFacts now. It's doubleplusgood.

Sean Spicer confirmed today that the President does believe that millions of people voted illegally despite there being no evidence. So when Trump throws that falsehood around claiming it to be true that's ok because he believes it. See how that works? It's simple - whatever Trump says can be circulated because he is the President and he believes it.

Should I start capitalising 'He' yet? Has he (He?) reached deity status?

Luckily not everyone is drinking the Kool Aid, earlier this morning, some brave soul running the Badlands National Park Twitter account went rogue and started tweeting climate change facts (since deleted) from their account. This was days after the National Park Service twitter account was temporarily disabled for tweeting about the low inauguration turnout and the same day that a gag order was imposed on the EPA and other agencies ordering them to not talk to the press or release information over social media. Essentially, they were told to shut up telling the truth about Trump's low approval rating and to stop talking about things Trump doesn't believe in.

Listen to your overlord drones.

We need more people who are unafraid - who ignore crazy rules telling them to stay quiet or to toe the party line. When the party lines are lies and doublespeak we need every brave tweeter we have.