Get Your Moronic Michelle Malkin Here!

You may have seen the non-controversy over John Edwards' hiring of talented blogger Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon fame. Or maybe not.

The basic story is that uber-moronic Right-tards such as Michelle Malkin, whose IQ has been in an internment camp for the better part of her life, thinks it's really bad that Amanda said words like "fuck" on her blog.

Oh no, what shall we tell the children?

I think Malkin's right, actually. Amanda's not qualified to work in such an important position when she tosses about obscenities with such gusto.

Kind of like a man who refers to a reporter as a "major-league asshole" when he is too Quayle-brained to know he's near an open mic. Furthermore, perhaps the very same man is not fit to be a leader of this nation when he has in the past given the finger to members of the press and routinely refers to his top henchman as "turd blossom."

And then what about that gelatinous goo of a humanoid known as our veep, who responded to a U.S. Senator's salutation with the not-so-oft-used greeting of "go fuck yourself."

What say you oh self-flagellating lover of concentration camps? Perhaps, as usual, you spoke with a bit of haste? We wait with bated breath for your inevitably witty response.

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