Get Your "Riot" Badge on Foursquare

Get Your "Riot" Badge on Foursquare
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Getting status updates from afar, Los Angelinos and others are getting a front row seat to the riots that have now broken out in San Francisco in honor of the 2010 World Series Champions, the San Francisco Giants . Unlike Los Angeles, where when riots break out over a NBA Finals victory of our hometown Lakers, just the local affiliates are covering the mess, the San Francisco tech scene has jumped in on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare to spread the latest riot updates.

Technology breaks down all sorts of boundaries, but the geeks have gone mad tonight in San Francisco.

1) There is a mayor on Foursquare of a riot happening in the Haight...or Hayes Valley. The tweets are flying by so fast. (RT @netik: RT @danwrong: Only in SF: people checking into the riot on Foursquare. (via @amiendon)

2) Twitter is being used to advertise for developers...who are at the riots. Retweeted by @Scobleizer: "If you run into any great developers at the #SFRiot, please send them our way."

3) Antoine Dodson is once again a meme: @kevinrose: "hide your kids/wife! #giants"

And, of course, the Los Angeles tech scene fights back: @TheMan: "Self righteous SF people always ragged on LA for rioting during Lakers championships. Look who's rioting now #hypocrisy."

@strngways sums up the situation nicely: "SF riot: 100 folks causing problems. 10,000 people tweeting it."

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