A Scene From ‘Get Out’ Has Sparked A Meme That’s Scary Awesome

Could the #GetOutChallenge be the next Mannequin Challenge?

There’s a scene from Jordan Peele’s new social thriller “Get Out” that’s hard to forget.

If you have seen the movie, it’s that scene.

Warning: Mild “Get Out” spoilers below.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a brief scene in which the family’s groundskeeper comes barreling out of the woods toward the movie’s protagonist, and it’s terrifying.

On March 7, the film’s official twitter page decided to tweet a #GetOutChallenge to its followers:

The challenge asks fans to recreate the scene. And people have stepped up to the plate … and it’s kind of hilarious.

When the #GetOutChallenge goes wrong

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Almost busted..... #getoutchallenge #TeamTYR

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Now if only they’d make a Get Out Challenge for that creepy Froot Loops scene.

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