Getter's 'Radical Dude' Brings In The Filth


In 2015, Tanner Petulla (more commonly known as Getter) debuted an EP under the Alias "Planet Neutral" that showed a reserved, mellow, more relaxed side to the San Jose native. But only six months after detouring from his regularly scheduled program of heavy bass and "gnarly" synths, Getter is back to his roots with his new EP Radical Dude!

The five song EP brings us right back to where Getter left off: the heavy dub, bass-driven, and grimy tracks that earned him a spot on Datsik's label Firepower and Skrillex's OWSLA.

The first track on the album, entitled "Back," teases that good ol' bass-heavy Getter that gained him his acclaim. It's a fun and laid-back piece that doesn't quite throw us head-first into his older vibes, but introduces us wonderfully to the EP. Layered and modulated, it's perfect to lead you into what's yet to come, especially with the repetitive and vocal line of "bitch I'm mother fucking back" (which by the end of the track is reversed and modulated even further). It's a solid opener that leaves you eager to hear what's next.

After "Back," Getter doesn't hesitate to push us right back into the dubstep and filth-ridden tracks we'd grown to expect with "Rip N Dip," the shiver-inducing slightly-demonic whirlwind of noise that hits as hard as it sounds. As I listened within my headphones on my subway ride home, I'm convinced that I could feel the bass hits colliding in the center of my head with each thump of the kick drum. The "Rip N Dip" music video, released earlier this week, is part two in a visual story that began with "Head Splitter" back in September. Both videos are an overwhelming psychedelic vision induced by some "Trippy Burgers" (also the name of Getter's clothing line released last year).

Then you've got the trappy dubstep collaboration with Ghastly titled "666" (which I caught myself getting down to in public on more than one occasion). It's got a very Mad Decent feel to it, the kind of tropical breakbeat feel of moombahton but with way too much grime to ever be classified as such. The growling bass in the track is filthy enough that you will probably mutter the word "ew" to yourself at least once per listen (in the best way possible).

Directly following "666" is the only track on the EP that can be associated with the Planet Neutral project entitled "Forget it (Feat. Tree)." It's a low-key, mellow-R&B-ish-bubbly-yet-emotional-ambient-indie that's accompanied by vocalist Tree, who was heavily featured on Planet Neutral as well. The track is an odd sort of intermission thrown in amongst such heavier work. It seems slightly out of place, but the fact that it's just as enjoyable as the rest excuses the interruption. It's almost an intermezzo of sound to cleanse your palette of the first half's filth.

The last two tracks on the EP, "In The Cuts (Feat. Sneak)," and Getter & Adair's "Blood (Feat Georgia Ku)," are reminiscent of what you'd expect from an OWSLA record dubstep track. Extraterrestrial synths, dreamy vocals, and atmospheric swells guaranteed to make your hair stand on end.

At the end of the day, I'm very excited to hear this new work from Getter, and even more excited to see him on tour. Getter is playing New York's Webster Hall this Friday (March 18th), tickets are available here.

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