10 Ways to Get and Keep a Man #SO #VERY #NON #PC

Getting a man? Keeping a man? I never ever thought that I'd write an article that started this way but yep, here I am putting pen to paper, or should I say tapping away on my keyboard. I am surrounded by women in all walks of life and of all ages who say that they just can't meet the right man. And, yes members of the sisterhood who are looking for the right man, it is hard but it is not an impossible task. There is somewhat of a formula here. It is not validated empirically but it is the formula that I have put together as I have observed many women on their relationship journey.

So listen up as I spill secrets because I don't plan on doing this again. You see, I don't want to be identified as that psychologist who gives tips on how to meet and keep a man because let's just say that that is not how I see myself. At least, not yet. Nonetheless, I have lots of experience and observations to share.

Allow me to help you:

1. Tell everyone you know that you are available and go on as many blind dates as you can handle.You want to be on the radar. Networking is essential.

2. Be friendly. The unavailable man that you meet today might be available the next time you meet him. Keep doors and minds open.

3. Go to places where the men are, including co-ed gyms, baseball games, etc.

4. Listen up when men are talking to you. No one wants to go out with a conversation stealer. It's hard enough to be friends with those types, right?

5. Pay attention to your timing. There is an entire subgroup of men who marry when they well... just feel ready to get married. I am convinced that these men are all about timing and less about the women. It's almost like, they too, have a biological clock that is beckoning to them.

6. Learn about your culture including trending topics, music, TV shows etc. so that you can join just about any conversation. You meet people by sharing interests and joining in.

7. Don't rule out certain types. Be inclusive not exclusive. The best man for you may not be your "type."

8. Do NOT dominate conversations by showing how much you know. Create synergy not people who run when they see you. Your girlfriends may put up with your narcissistic ways. The boys will not.

9. Consider turning a friend into a boyfriend. Look, a partner should be a friend. Why we rule out good friends as potential life partners is beyond me.


10. Bring your best fashion accessory to every situation. Sisters, I am not referring to your Jimmy Choos or your new earrings. It's your smile that you need to bring with you always. It's disarming. It's inviting and it just might get you a date.

Now that I've shared my observations it's up to you to look at this little guide and see what works for you. Stay safe. Stay happy. And, most importantly stay open-minded.