Getting Ahead Of The Curve: The Case For Prevention (VIDEO)

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The problem with prevention is that when it works, no one really notices. Although perhaps not as sexy as heroic medicine, prevention costs a lot less and spares a great deal of anguish. Even so, it has to be implemented cautiously and packaged with community buy-in and education -- otherwise, we get over-screening that leads to over-treatment, parents who resist immunizations for their children and polio workers whose lives get put at risk. What’s the investment case for disease prevention? What financial innovations will drive the most strategic spending? Where are the optimal leverage points? NPR’s Julie Rovner leads a discussion to discuss the next level of disease prevention with EDventure Holdings’ Esther Dyson, Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Health Secretary Howard Koh and East Durham Children’s Hospital President and CEO David Reese.


Julie Rovner, NPR

Special Guests:

Esther Dyson, Chairman, EDventure Holdings

Howard Koh, Assistant Health Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services

David Reese, President and CEO, East Durham Children's Hospital