Getting Back Up After You Fall

It was circa 2005, I was working at a Fitness Center putting people through workouts. From the backroom where I was seated I saw the Wayans Brothers walk in.

Boy was I excited. I ran to the front desk and upon the route I tripped, fell and kept running forward anyways because I just had to say hi.

And I did -- with a big smile. They likely thought I was a little crazy but I got what I wanted: to say hi.

Had I tripped and let the fall hold me back, or had I looked back and tried to figure out how I tripped, I would have missed my opportunity to say hi -- the one thing I wanted to do.

The moral of the story is: if you trip and fall, keep moving forward.

In business it's common to trip. You launch a new offering and nobody buys it. You create a workshop, rent the space, and only one person shows. You walk door to door to pitch an idea or sell a product and nobody welcomes you in.

These are all the trips along the journey.

If you let the "trip" trip you up, and you allow the bumps to get you down, you won't be moving forward. You'll stay stuck until you pick yourself up again, and possibly miss out on what's right in front of you and around the next corner.

Now, like everything, it's easier said than done. So how can you strengthen your ability to keep moving forward?

Strengthen your "moving forward muscles."

Here's how:

Decide in your mind that you are going to pay attention to anytime you trip physically in your life (like walking down the street).

Anytime you trip in your step you'll practice moving forward anyways. Don't look back to see what pebble in the road or what bottle may have stumped your step. Instead, keep walking forward without the need to look back.

Seriously -- I see this all the time. If you start to pay attention you might see it too: somebody up ahead is walking down the street, you see them trip a bit and they look back, pausing their walk to figure out what made them trip. But this doesn't help them move forward. It only keeps them from their destination.

Looking back never helps you get to your destination faster. Instead, keep walking and resist the urge to look back.

Next -- apply this to life. If something doesn't go the way you want, such as Investor One says no -- keep moving forward to Investor Two.

If Person A says they're not interested in working with you, move on to Person B.

Keep moving forward.

If you find yourself in a slump -- looking back at the fall, agonizing and analyzing about how it happened -- take a moment and ask yourself: Is there something specific to learn that will help you move forward? Sometimes there is.

Sometimes you need to readjust your pitch, or recreate your program. If you find yourself stuck in analysis, use that time to your advantage.

Wallowing won't move you forward.

Inquiry and investigation will. Is there something you can actually do differently that will make the road ahead smoother?

If yes, change your course and get on the smoother road. Sometimes, if you keep tripping you may be on the wrong road.

But otherwise, when you have a direct and specific target keep moving forward -- it's the most direct way to where you're headed, even if you trip along the way.

Now it's Your Turn:

Have you ever tripped on the way towards your destination? How did you deal with it?

What's your No. 1 tip to keep moving forward during tough times?

Please share your insights in the comments below

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