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The Rules Of Getting Dressed When You're Home Are Simple And Finite: Don't Do It

The rules for getting dressed when you're home for the holidays are, like the rules of haircare, simple and finite: Don't do it.

But if we had to expand on that a little, we'd say there are a few key guidelines to the winter break wardrobe that most of us would do well to heed. When you're home under your parents' roof, with no work to do...

As soon as you walk through the door, all restrictive "real world" clothing must come off.

Then the sweatpants come on...

... where they'll stay for the next week. No need to change them.

Or, instead of sweatpants, you could always just go straight for the pajamas.

Or, worse comes to worst: maternity pants.

(You're going to need the elastic waistband.)

There is no sweatshirt too old or embarrassing.

Take off your bra -- it's just unnecessary.

Hair should be left down.

Avoid wearing contact lenses -- there will be too many impromptu naps.

Don't wear anything you mind getting stained, because you'll be doing a LOT of this:

Just remember that when you go back into the real world, you've got to change. Otherwise, you face this.

If you actually decide you care... here are some nice options:

Cute Pajamas

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