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Why Having 100 Items Of Clothing In Your Closet Is 'Not Enough'

The struggle is real.

Getting dressed is the worst, but since it's not socially acceptable to walk around without pants all the time, it's a necessary evil.

In a fun study done by Closetmaid, 1,000 U.S. women were surveyed on their closets, and apparently the average American woman has roughly 103 items of clothing.

Despite this, it never feels like what we have is cutting it. We stand in front of the mirror, murmuring to ourselves how the lighting at Loft was slimming and we should just never go out in public again.

Now, 103 items is sort of a lot, but let's be real: We probably try on half of those things the second we get invited to a party. It's why we have those heaping piles of worn-once-or-twice sweaters and disposable dresses from Forever 21 on the chair in our bedrooms. It's also why, at the end of all the trying-things-on-and-then-abandoning-them, 61 percent of women just go out and buy something new.

So, if your skin is red and raw from all the sweat and tears exhausted from simply trying to make yourself look presentable, don't fret! You're not alone.

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