15 Thoughts Every Woman Has Getting Dressed In The Winter

Purse strap won't fit over bulky coat 😢

We hate the winter. It's cold, our noses basically run for three months straight, we always slip on ice and to add insult to injury, getting dressed is a bit of a nightmare.

First of all, there are only so many ways to look chic and stay warm, and come the end of January, we've often exhausted all options. Not to mention the pilling sweaters, static hair and itchy wool.

Herewith, 15 thoughts all women have while getting dressed in the winter.

1. Can I get away with wearing these tights for a third day in a row? Is that gross?

2. Ugh, the feeling of putting my dry legs into these tights is the WORST.

3. Sh*t did my tights just rip? Whatever, I'm wearing them anyway.

4. How can I make Uggs appropriate for a meeting?

5. Where are my gloves?

6. What in my closet has an elastic waistband?

7. My sweater is shedding everywhere. Should I suck it up for the day or pick a different sweater?

8. Does this turtleneck give me a uniboob?

9. Does layering leggings under my jeans make my legs look bigger?

10. Will the bar have a coat check or is my coat just going to end up on the floor? Should I even bring a coat?

11. Still can't find my gloves.

12. Do I go for style or warmth?

13. Can I just wear a blanket all day?

14. Ughughuggh my coat won't fit over my bulky sweaters.

15. Seriously, where are my gloves?

So, in summation:

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