The 26 Stages Of Getting Engaged

Did you know that 43 percent of marriage proposals occur between the months of November and January? In honor of proposal season, here are 26 universal truths about getting engaged.

1. What you think you'll look like when it happens:

2. What you may actually look like (#fail):

3. Take heart, the end result is the same:

4. The moment he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with you:

5. Instead of elation, you're thinking "Wait, is he just being cute or does this mean....?" (Cue nervous giggles.)

6. Immediately, the suspense becomes unbearable:

7. He's bending down!

8. But you brace yourself in case he's just tying his shoe:

9. The moment you realize it's really happening:

10. And start processing what just happened:

11. And as you're processing, you don't actually hear a word he's saying:

12. Until he mentions he asked for your parents' blessing:

13. You suddenly understand why he's been acting weird all week:

14. This is what you feel like when you say the word "fiancé" out loud and not in your head:

15. You have to call your bestie (now MOH!) to tell her IT'S HAPPENED:

16. Next you have to tell your proposal story 50 different times:

17. But all anyone cares about is seeing pics of your ring:

18. You MUST change your Facebook relationship status to "engaged":

19. When your head hits the pillow that night, of course you can't sleep:

20. Instead, you stare at your hand for hours:

21. Then it starts. "Have you set a date yet?"

22. And then, "Who's paying for the wedding?"

23. Then you meet a fellow bride, and she asks, "What have you done so far?"

24. You realize you need a time out STAT:

25. Then, relief when you make your very first major wedding decision:

26. Only to realize it's just the beginning...

Congrats to all the newly-engaged brides out there!

Tell us: What other thoughts went through your mind when you first got engaged? Every bride's experience is unique!

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By Stefania Sainato