Getting Fired From My Dream Job Was the Best Thing For Me

Just a few short years ago, I was fired from my dream job.

I had worked full-time while going to school at Harvard University for my Master's Degree in Sustainability. I had a fierce passion for sustainable foods.

After years in a job that was draining the life out of me, going to graduate school felt like something new and exciting to grab onto. In Harvard's program, I'd learned about the frightening increase in childhood obesity, the pollution of the planet and our broken food system. And I wanted to freakin' DO something about it!

So after school, I moved to Hawaii to work on a farm and get my hands dirty.

That was great for a few months, but I knew there was something more for me out there. So then, I risked it all.

I moved to Portland, Oregon with nothing but myself, a giant red suitcase and a dream in my heart. Prior to these big changes, I lived for a year back home with my parents, dealt with heartbreak and abused my body with food and alcohol. I don't regret any of these decisions, but I felt that what I now had in my hands was a chance for a fresh start. A chance to create my life.

Moving to Portland wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I did eventually find a job in the sustainable foods industry, but I was told that my ideas didn't matter. I was ridiculed for my Harvard education. I was harassed for dressing up for work in a male-dominated office culture. And I was paid minimum wage.

None of this mattered, because I was so sure that I could make a difference.

Fast-forward a year and I was slowly but surely beaten down. And on top of it, I got fired.

I had risked everything to be here. I wanted to make a difference and had nothing to show for it. I had bills to pay, rent due and a puppy to feed.

So, I gave my ego a backseat and took a waitressing job until I could figure out what would happen next.

At this point I was already learning how to coach, becoming Certified as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and a Reiki Master just for fun. In Hawaii, I studied everything I could about self-love, spirituality, relationships and the Divine laws of manifesting.

Through practice and experimentation I was learning to allow, accept and design the life I wanted.

What I haven't mentioned is that during that same time I also met the wonderful man who would become my husband, got an apartment of my very own, built a sense of community out of nothing and rescued a dog for companionship.

Things had started to click, just not in the way I thought that they would.

Actually, it was better than I imagined.I had always wanted to write, help others, and start a business.

Out of my worst case scenario, I got the fuel to finally build upon my dreams.

I bought my own golden ticket.

I realized that my original deep desire to heal the environment wasn't shattered, but that the best place to start was through my own self-healing and helping others self-heal.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

From this, the Crazy Wild Love Academy was born. And I'm proud to say we've had hundreds of women participate from all corners of the globe.

It's been a privilege and an honor to support women in bravely transforming their lives. They've accessed inner joy, lost weight, started businesses, found closure from relationships that no longer served them, learned to create miracles and found an inner-acceptance that is nothing short of amazing.

Many of your are at a crossroads.

Some of you are fed up with the way things are going in your life. Some of you are tired of doing everything for others while your internal voice secretly beats you down. Maybe you've gone through a breakup, a job loss, a relocation or some other plot twist that has you hoping for something more. That things can and will be better.

I have created something for you.

Because I have been there. And it sucked doubting myself, or wondering if I'd ever get a job, or crying late at night alone because I was caught up in another bad relationship.

But I've put everything I've learned that has helped me to change my life into the Crazy Wild Love Academy.

While our circumstances are different we still share a common dream that draws all of humanity together: to live an incredible life that feels significant, happy and whole.

You are so close, dear one.

Together, we can heal the world, one loving heart at a time.