Getting Geeky With It: LIVE From the Gov 2.0 Summit

In today's Wilshire & Washington, we talk Government 2.0 with special guest Dr. Mark Drapeau, an Associate Research Fellow at the National Defense University and Co-Chair of the Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase and the Gov 2.0 Expo in May 2010. The Gov 2.0 Summit (#gov20s), currently being held in DC, is bringing together some of the top minds in the tech industry to talk how government can better use technology. "Now is the time to reshape government" is the summit's platform, and Drapeau talks about the idea of government as a platform, providing an infrastructure to help people get together and solve problems themselves or with the help of their local government. He encourages a DIO approach, or "Do It Ourselves," taking data provided by the government and using it to solve our problems.

It's a relatively foreign idea these days, imagining the government as an effective, useful entity, but that wasn't always the way of things. "A lot of people forget how innovative the government is," Drapeau says. Government researchers invented GPS, the wristwatch, even the trench coat (spy vs. spy, indeed...) so why can't they do it again with online technology? But those results of scientific research need to be readily available for everyone (using this Internet thingy, maybe?), and the same thing applies to legal decisions by the Supreme Court. It's all public data, right, so why can't we have an easy way of accessing it? And while the public's trust in the government has probably never been lower, the open processes of social media are the types of things can rebuild that trust. Drapeau argues that there are security concerns about government involvement in the public's data, but those concerns shouldn't stop progress, right?

We also talk winners and losers for the summer, as well as Obama's education speech and his upcoming health care speech to Congress tonight. Teresa brings up Bill "The Comeback Kid" Clinton and the Birthers (both winners), Maegan talks Hamid Karzai (loser) and Howard Dean (winner), and Ted highlights Glenn Beck and the American Worker (guess who's the loser between those two...)

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