Getting Into The Mindset For Visibility Online

I started doing some Facebook Live videos recently, and although at first the thought of speaking live to an audience was terrifying, I found out I actually kind of love them.

This got me to thinking about visibility in our businesses, and most importantly, how we can get into the mindset to be more out-there and visible to our dream clients. It's something that's vital when we're building up a small (yet perfectly formed) biz, especially for coaches, creatives and wellbeing professionals. We work one-to-one with our clients, so it's important they feel that special connection to us from day one. Video is a great way to raise our profile and get our vision into the world, but the thought of getting in front of the camera can be somewhat nerve-wracking. I've got used to pre-filming my YouTube videos now, but Facebook Live was a WHOOOOLE different kettle of fish! For someone like me who is a bit of a introvert and loves to hide out behind her screen, the thought of talking live was suddenly a bit daunting.

What if I ran out of words?

Or mucked up what I was saying?

What if everyone laughed at me?! (oh hello teenage me popping out of the closet again!)

So today I would love to share with you my tips to help you get into the mindset for visibility online - whether you're posting your first Facebook Live video, or pitching a guest blog to your favourite publication, the first and vital step is all about mindset. Now I'm by no means perfect at this, my old insecurities love to rear their ugly heads now and then, but I HAVE found there are certain things I can do to get back into the mindset of being visible in all the right ways.

Getting into the visibility mindset

1. Remember you are the expert
You know your topic, and your business, inside out, and you are the very best person to share the passion and driving force behind your business. This is what will make people know, like and trust you - when they can see your true genius shining through. Sure, other people know about your topic too, but you will bring your own experiences to the table.

2. It doesn't matter if you make mistakes
This is one that paralyzed me from any form of public speaking for so long - being scared of stalling, fluffing up my lines or saying 'um'. Then I started properly watching some of my business heroes speak, and I realised they do all of these things ALL THE TIME - the key is to just carry on, we're all human and no one want's to listen to a robot.

3. Use your own voice

Whether your writing a guest blog, or posting a video, it's so important to use your own voice. By this I mean tone of voice and the words you use. Don't just copy other people because you won't sound like you, you'll sound awkward.

I found this out the hard way when I started recording my videos for The Publicity Program.

At the time, I'd been listening to Amy Porterfield's podcast a lot, and I inadvertently found myself trying to speak with her intonation and using similar words. When I watched the first few recordings back through, it made me cringe so badly, I realised right away what I'd done and had to go back and record those videos again!

I've also in the past found myself use words and phrases in blog posts that don't quite chime. An easy mistake to make when you're just starting out and trying to find your voice. And that's the key - what sounds great coming out of one persons mouth (or hands) can be mega awkward from someone else.

4. Don't be afraid of being you
Years of hiding my true (slightly quirky) personality in corporate jobs has meant this is a biggy for me - I feel like I'm *meant* to be portraying myself to you in a certain way, but actually, that was the whole point of leaving the corporate world. So that I could be myself and find my lovely tribe who will be just as fond of the real Rebecca as I'm beginning to be! So, perhaps we can try this one together - it's a constant learning curve for me to allow myself to be me, but I'm so glad to be on this path, because I find that the thought of sending out that blog post or publicity pitch no longer feels scary, because I am being true to myself and my values.

So, what about you?

How do you feel about getting visible and getting your business out there - does it leave you quaking in your boots, or are you raring to share you vision with the world?

I'd love to know, leave me a comment below or head over to my fabulous Facebook group of Biz Stars and let us all know!