How To Get Married In Monaco

Some couples are content to tie the knot at the courthouse down the road. But for those who are more adventurous, a destination wedding -- and an international marriage -- are a must. The Huffington Post's guide to international marriages will tell you everything you need to know to get legally married in Monaco. Read on to ensure all of your paperwork is in order before booking your ticket. --Joan Bahr

Residency Requirement And Waiting Period

For U.S. citizens who want to get married in Monaco,
before the wedding ceremony. After at least 30 days, they can announce the marriage.

Intent To Marry

Weddings in Monaco must be announced. The bride and groom must post
of the Monaco Town Hall for 10 days, and the 10-day period must include two Sundays.

The Ceremony

Marriages in Monaco take place at the Monaco Town Hall and are civil ceremonies. There must be at least two witnesses ages 18 or older, and they must be able to prove their identities.

The Marriage Certificate

Wedding couples must make an appointment at the
Service de l'Etat Civil
of the Monaco Town Hall to prepare a marriage file; this must take place at least a month before the ceremony. The father or mother of a minor should be present if possible. The
Service de l'Etat Civil
issues the marriage certificate.

Legal Documentation

U.S. citizens wishing to marry in Monaco must present birth certificates, proof of residency of either the bride or groom, certificate of death or divorce if either has been married before, proof of the announcement of the marriage, and a certificate of parental consent if either is a minor. They also need a "custom certificate" or "certificate of no impediment" from the U.S. Consulate that certifies they are allowed to marry. All of the documentation must be translated into French by a sworn translator in Monaco.

Same-Sex Marriage

Monaco does not allow same-sex marriage. France also does not allow same-sex marriage, although
approved domestic partnerships in 1999.

Additional Information

The age of consent in Monaco is 15 for women and 18 for men.

View the full set of laws and regulations regarding marriage in Monaco.

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