Entrepreneurs Have The Whole World In Their Hands In 2017: Getting Organized Is Paramount

Featured Photo by messtiza / bianca francesca, found on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons.

This post is intended to share a few tips I used when first starting my business to get organized and hopefully, it will help you too.

My personal journey started just over 6 years ago when working corporate became exhausting and quite the juggle. I'm sure you know what falls under the umbrella of 'juggle' but just to name a few ~ raising a family, maintaining a home, activities, extended family responsibilities, keeping abreast of the office changes and policies and the dreaded Tysons Corner, VA gridlock morning and evening commute (I'll refrain from digressing on that point too much). We all experience the same life drill. Now, I'm not saying it wasn't a juggle I couldn't handle but a realization of why not use all the skills, work/life experiences, and education and do this myself - be my own boss! Boom, there I was a self-proclaimed Virtual Assistant/Writer. This is when the harder work began as a business owner overnight.

Organizing with clipboards in any way that keeps you organized is worth the time and you can have fun with it.

Here's how I use them to keep me straight and on-target with my own master to-do list:

Business Start-Up Clipboards:


By the way, I have a legal pad clipped to the front of each clipboard corresponding with the clipboard itself. At the top of the legal pad is the title or subject of what is to placed on the clipboard. Also, attached to each are tangible materials that have been collected. Understanding some will be saved on files on your computer. Be sure to title those files the same as your clipboard files.

As an online marketer, our social platforms play an important role in our day. So, social media clipboards can be utilized as well. I've attached great reference sheets I've found, checklists, template sizes etc. and anything else I need to locate quickly.

Social Media Business Start-Up Clipboards:


Of course, getting organized is just the beginning of starting your own business. Many details and tasks along the way that don't get noted. Therefore, if you're just starting out with an entrepreneurial spirit - don't give up! Getting organized is paramount and you can do it with a schedule and by sticking to that schedule. Remember, connecting on social media is a must. Yes, networking events are important as well but without an online presence, you'll be just another face in the crowd.

Best wishes to you and your entrepreneur vision. If I can be of any help, please reach out.

Final thought: "Look How Far You've Come ~ Watch How Far You'll Go Into The New Year"