Stuck in a Rut? Tips on Overcoming What Stops You

Sometimes we get really stuck in our lives or businesses. That just might be when it's time to call in outside reinforcements. There is no shame in this!
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We often find ourselves at major crossroads in both our personal and our professional lives. The stakes are large, and we need concrete direction, but we feel helpless, alone, and paralyzed with worry that we could make the wrong decision.

What should we do when life is painful, stressful, or simply overwhelming? Where do we turn when we feel lost and as though we have nowhere to turn?

Start by being your very own best friend. Get outside of your head and think of yourself as though you were your best friend. What would you tell her?

Next, do nothing. Take the rest of the day off and do something that feels indulgent or comforting. Watch mindless TV. Read an engrossing book. Watch a heart-warming movie with your family. Do something that lets you forget your problems... just for the day. Go to bed early.

Then wake up a little early the next morning. Give yourself an extra half-hour to hour. Try a little prayer or meditation. Get out a blank piece of paper and create a comprehensive to-do list. Help yourself feel completely under control.

Then, on another piece of paper, write down the top three very most important things that you need to get done.

Focus on only those three things until they are completed, then give yourself a little reward. Call your best friend. Eat a delicious square of dark chocolate. Go for a walk to the coffee shop or head to a fantastic yoga class.

Then get back at it and check a few more things on your to-do list. You will start to feel optimistic. You'll start to feel in control. You're not just "getting through" your day, but you are designing your day in a way that is super effective, maximizing fun, and helping you get those important things done.

Now, think about how you can create every single day of your life to be more effective, joyful, and creative.

You will still have crappy things happen on occasion, but go back to your comfort kit just for that day. Take care of yourself and go back to being your best friend. Then pull yourself up by the bootstraps the next morning and seize the day. Every day is an opportunity to hit the "reset" button. Every day is a fresh palate that you can create in whatever way brings you fulfillment and happiness.

Sometimes we get really stuck in our lives or businesses. That just might be when it's time to call in outside reinforcements. There is no shame in this! My business was getting a slow start until I worked with an amazing mentor who helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and gain clarity. Sometimes just having that person who is just a few steps ahead of you, who has been where you are knows how to get to the other side is just the key to launching us to the next level and gain clarity about the path ahead.

Now it's one of my biggest passions to bring hope to the lost, clarity to the unclear, inspiration to the uninspired, and a well-defined map to guide the lost traveler to her best path forward.

What do you need to do to feel focused, passionate, and joyful once again? What do you do when you're feeling lost? Please share your thoughts below and visit my website to learn about my private coaching sessions.

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