Getting Stuck At The Airport Can Actually Be A Fun Date

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Summer is travel time. And the unfortunate reality of travel today means that you will, inevitably, be stuck in an airport somewhere waiting for your delayed flight to board on your way to/from your magnificent summer vacay. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the Date Night Is… guide to planning an unexpected romantic interlude in Terminal Whatever.

The Food Court Feast

Just like at the mall when you were growing up, part of the joy of the airport food court is the vast array of fine dining establishments at your disposal. But why settle for just one? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a full five-course meal of the finest quality by purchasing only food court comestibles. Bonus points for mixing and matching cuisines to create your own amuse bouche.

The Trans-Terminal Pub Crawl

If there’s one thing that airports aren’t lacking, it’s bars. And thanks to the oddball hours of travel, airports are also considered an anomaly of time and space, thus making it perfectly legit to order an “adult beverage" at all hours of the day or night. (Hey, when you’ve been up for 8 hours straight on a red eye, who’s to say whether it’s breakfast or dinner at 6am?)

Sure, you could pick one bar and park yourself there for the time being. But that wouldn’t make for an impressive date. Instead, think of the Terminal as your new neighborhood and take your sweetheart on a pub crawl worthy of the name. Just try to limit yourselves to one drink per stop – we don’t want you getting banned from your next flight.

The Flash-Mob Movie Night

Every gate at every airport nowadays has a television blaring. It’s usually the news. It’s usually on a loop. And it’s usually boring. But it doesn’t have to be.

Turn the wait at the gate into your own little movie night extraordinaire. Step 1: find the little stand selling trail mix and caramel corn and grab a few bags of your favorite screen snacks. Step 2: grab two of the biggest fountain drinks you can find. (Extra credit is awarded for making your drink a "suicide.”) Step 3: plop yourselves down at the gate and dig in, just like you would at the movies. Be sure to whisper so you don’t interrupt fellow movie-goers

BONUS: Major extra credit points if you can get others involved, flash-mob style.

The Great Gag Gift Gathering

You’re at the airport, so presumably you’re about to hop a plane to somewhere. Make your next flight more enjoyable with a series of gifts for your partner. The mission is simple: $20 and 20 minutes each to head in your own direction and gather as many giggle-worthy gifts for your partner as possible. Hide them away in your carry-on and then dole them out as you see fit throughout your flight.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started: coloring book and crayons, puzzle book, Us Weekly or Playboy, your partner’s favorite candy, fridge magnets or equally odd airport memorabilia, the worst t-shirt you can find, a Cinnabon, mad libs.

The Not-Quite-Mile-High Club

The Mile High Club certainly has its own stigma, but if you’re stuck in the airport with your loved one and the mood strikes, do you really want to wait until you’re on a plane with 200 new “friends?" We’ll leave the mechanics of this one up to you...

The Survival Kit

Don’t worry, you’re not entirely on your own in finding the best an airport has to offer. Here are a few of our favorite apps/resources for hunting down the best places in any Terminal:

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