Getting What You Want At Work, Explained -- In GIFs

There's going to be a time when you want something from your boss. Whether you're asking for a flexible schedule, a raise, or just that vacation day you desperately need, here are some ground rules to follow.

Be prepared. If you're asking for something big, like a salary change, do your research beforehand.

Always look professional.

State your case clearly. Try to go through your points without relying on written notes, though.

Be polite. Don't grovel, but definitely ask nicely.

Don't talk for too long. Be professional and get to the point in a timely manner.

Try to stick to the subject at hand. Save the love life woes for a different conversation.

Stand up tall. Research shows that good posture makes you look and feel more powerful.

Make a graceful exit.

And if it goes badly, take yourself out of the office before you get to this place,

Heed some advice from the Dowager Countess,

And try again soon.



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