Ghost Camera Captures Underage Sex In Tasmania

Camera Meant To Catch Ghosts Captures Adultery, Not Apparitions

A man in Tasmania hoping to capture evidence of ghosts in his home discovered something else going bump in the night: His girlfriend having sex with his 16-year-old son from a previous marriage.

What started out as ghost-busting has turned into marriage-busting. The 28-year-old woman pleaded guilty to five counts of having sexual intercourse with a minor in Tasmania's Supreme Court on Monday, reported.

The incident came to light in October 2012, when the boy's father set up a video camera to capture what he believed was paranormal activity in the house. Instead, it documented his son and the woman kissing and cuddling, the Tasmania Mercury reported.

Police questioned the woman after the incident and the boy moved away from the couple. However, it was revealed during court proceedings that the woman travelled to see him and had sex with him during a six-day at a hotel, Yahoo Australia reported.

The woman -- who has reportedly been dating the boy's father for 11 years -- told the court she thought the age of consent in Australia was 16. It is actually 17, and she told the court she was "ashamed and embarrassed" by her conduct, the New York Daily News reported.

The case is arousing the interest of paranormal investigators like Alexandra Holzer, who said the man's attempt to capture paranormal activity might have been a cover for suspicions about his girlfriend.

"Maybe he used [the paranormal investigation] as an excuse because he thought something was up," she told The Huffington Post. "Or maybe he thought it was really a ghost."

She has another theory: the ghost that inspired the father's initial investigation may have been what influenced the woman and teen to get it on.

"Maybe the ghost in question in their home brought this on? Maybe there was an invisible negative presence egging on the sexual desires?" Holzer said.

Ben Radford, a science-based paranormal investigator suspects that as more and more people use hidden cameras, the number of cases involving electronic evidence of adultery is likely to increase.

Radford wishes there was more information on what kind of paranormal activity the man thought was happening.

"It seems likely it was suspected poltergeist activity, which would typically include cabinet doors opening and closing, or dishes flying into the air," Radford told HuffPost. "Presumably if that had happened -- and the man had captured it on video -- then the news story would have been about that!"

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