Pub Staff Swear This Freaky Footage Proves Their Bar Is Haunted

“I didn’t believe in ghosts at all but this really spooked me."

This specter just wants everything to be spotless.

Eerie surveillance footage shows what staff at The Chapel House pub in Dudley, central England, claim is a “ghost” helping them to clean up at closing time.

The “spirit” first topples a wet floor sign over in a back room.

As pub manager Katie Ann Round and her fiancé, Ben Parkes, go to investigate, a mop tumbles to the ground.

He jumped out of his skin,” Round told the local Express & Star newspaper on Saturday. “When we looked at the footage later, we couldn’t believe it.”

I didn’t believe in ghosts at all but this really spooked me,” Round told the Daily Mirror. Parkes claims the “ghost” later thrust a glass from a shelf, which struck him in his chest.

Round took charge of the pubwith her business partner, James Stevens, less than three months ago. They posted the clip to Facebook on Oct. 4, and it attracted substantial media coverage over the weekend.

Some viewers, however, have suggested the footage is fake and staged for publicity. 

The managers deny the claim, saying there could be ghostly goings-on because the venue’s cellar historically provided overflow cells for a nearby police station.